School of Physical Sciences


The School of Physical Sciences (SPS) came into being on the 1st of August 2021 after the split of the former School of Sciences into two, that is School of Life Sciences and School of Physical Sciences. The former School of Sciences was one of the schools established at the inception of the University in 1982. At that period, the name of the school was the School of Pure and Applied Sciences with only five (5) Departments namely; Biochemistry (BCH), Biology (BIO), Chemistry (CHE), Industrial Mathematics and Computer Technology (IMC) and Physics (PHY). The school was fully adopted in 1988/89 academic session and at that time; the Departments of Applied Geology, Applied Geophysics and Meteorology were domiciled in the school.

An additional Department in the School was the General Studies to compliment the more specialized programmes in Science and Technology. The former School of Sciences as at 31st of July 2021, before the split, was the largest in the University consisting of nine (9) Departments namely Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology. Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, Microbiology, Physics, Statistics and General Studies.

Presently, the School of Physical Sciences (SPS) consists of four (5) Departments namely Chemistry (CHE), General Studies (GNS), Mathematics (MTS), Physics (PHY).and Statistics (STA)

All the programmes in the five Departments have full accreditation status from the National Universities Commission (NUC).

The School runs a number of academic programmes such as the Undergraduate (B.Tech.), the Postgraduate (M.Tech. and Ph.D) and Postgraduate Diploma (PGD). Seminars are organized and presented by both students and academic staff to provoke progressive academic achievements both in research and nation building. The school organizes School lectures and Conferences every year. The school also has a reputable journal to disseminate research findings.

The different departments making up the school has made great impact in the nation’s university system. The school has a total of 84 Academic Staff ranging from the rank of Professor to Research Assistant. Each department has laboratories with technologists and laboratory assistants/attendants assisting the students and other staff members in their practical/research work. We also have a total of 1,349 students in the school at the end of 2019/2020 academic session.

The split of the former school of sciences was to meet the demand for qualitative education which requires an expansion of existing facilities, introduction of newer programmes and improvement in the quality and quantity of staff required for the programmes.

The pioneer Dean of the school is Prof A. F, Aiyesanmi, professor of Chemistry. He assumed office on the 1st of August 2021.